Development News/School Surplus Property

Development News/School Surplus Property

The Development Application in The Pinery has been closed!

The developer closed their application request with the county to rezone the School District Surplus Tract! Thank you, residents for the opposition letters you sent. It made a difference. The Pinery is pursuing having this property designated as open space. Please check this website for updates and for how you can support this effort.

If you have not already done so, please sign the petition below to keep the School District Tract as open space.

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Vicinity Map

Please share this link,, with others by copying and pasting it in an email. Anyone in Douglas County can sign.



School District Surplus Property Tract 1 Pinery Filing 6

There is a 12.35 parcel of property North of The Pinery’s North Park (bordered on the South by Sunridge Hollow Rd, Ponderosa Way and on the west by Betts Ranch Rd. and on the North and East by existing residential Development). Click here for vicinity map. It is currently owned by the Douglas County School District. The original owners of The Pinery, donated it to the County, as required at that time, for a future school. The School District identified that this was surplus property in 2021 and signed a pending contract with a developer. The developer submitted a request to the county on February 15, 2022 to change the zoning on this property from a school district site to a single-family residential zone. The Pinery HOA submitted comments on June 20, 2022 objecting to this development (click here to see HOA comments). Over 100 residents also submitted letters. Due to strong opposition and other issues, the developer closed their application for rezoning on September 19, 2022. They also released the pending contract with the school district.

Given all the building going on in the area, The Pinery HOA would like to have this area designated as Douglas County open space so that we continue to have an area for the  deer and turkeys. These 12 acres are adjacent to our 5 acres in North Park, creating over a 17 acre area. The Pinery is pursuing having this space designated as open space.  


If you have any questions, you can email The Pinery at or call us at 303-841-5305. We will put updates on this website.