PHA Tree Care Meeting

Pine beetles have recently been discovered in our community. These tiny beetles bore into the trunks of pine trees to lay their eggs. The larva kill the tree by eating their way through the living “cambium” before emerging as adult beetles in July. This is the same beetle that did all the recent damage in Grand and Summit Counties. The best way to prevent the spread of these beetles is to identify and remove infected trees before the beetles emerge.

Your homeowners association is initiating a community wide effort to stop the spread of pine beetles and protect the health of our pine trees. Success depends on awareness and the participation of the whole community.

This spring we will hold two community meetings to educate residents regarding the health of our forest. The first of these will focus on the risks and solutions regarding pine beetles in our area. This meeting will be 7:00pm on April 23rd. We will meet in the basement of the fire station. Kristen Garrison, District Forester for the Colorado State Forest Service will lead a discussion about pine beetles in our area and what we as homeowners can do to protect our trees. Please consider coming to this important meeting.

The second meeting will be in early June and will focus on forest fires and what we can do to minimize our risk of fire through mitigation measures. More information regarding this meeting will be available in the next issue of this newsletter.

The Pinery is a special place to live because of the beautiful forest that defines our community. Join us in our effort to minimize the real threats we face from fire and pine beetles.