The Pinery News

Monday, July, 2012

Details on why the Pinery Water and Wastewater District has asked residents to abide by watering restrictions.

Monday, July, 2012

Stage 2 fire restrictions have been rescinded. Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are still in effect.

Monday, July, 2012

Do you have hailstorm damage? Find tips on selecting contractors, information regarding shake shingles, the Pinery signage policy.

Monday, July, 2012

Many common products found in your home such as oil-based paint, mercury, gasoline, degreasers, cleaning compounds, and garden chemicals may be hazardous and they should be used and disposed of carefully. These community events help prevent pollution and protect the people handling your garbage.

Friday, June, 2010

by Bill Hames

Buying Perennials

Our climate is harsh and plants must adapt to high altitude sunlight, cold winters, lack of moisture, low humidity, and the hot summer sun. Perennial plants are the way to go and there are many hardy perennial plants that will survive in our Colorado climate.

Here are some helpful suggestions when buying perennials:

1.    Buy plants that have soil around them with their roots intact and undisturbed. DO NOT BUY BARE ROOT PERENNIALS.