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Wednesday, January, 2020

As stated in our January Pinery Homeowner newsletter, there will be a job opening in 2020 to fill the staff position of the Architectural Review Committee Administrator.  Please see the job description. Interested parties should provide a completed employment application along with a current resume. Any questi

Wednesday, January, 2020

Pinery HOA membership is due for those homeowners who are not paying dues through our trash program or as a lessee at the RV lot. Look for your bill in the mail.

Monday, December, 2019

Click here to see the Pinery Homeowners' Association, Inc. 2020 Proposed Budget.

Monday, October, 2019

Douglas County takes care of snow and ice removal in The Pinery. Click here for detailed information.

Sunday, October, 2019

Especially during the winter months, we’d like to remind residents that streetside overnight parking is prohibited by Pinery Protective Covenants.  Not only does this keep Pinery views from being cluttered with cars, it also ensures access by snow plows and emergency vehicles. 


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