The Pinery News

Friday, October, 2021

The Pinery Homeowners’ Association is in need of candidates to fill one position on the Executive Board and three positions on the Community Services Committee (CSC) beginning in January 2022. The election will be held January 12, 2022 at the PHA Annual Meeting. Please click above for information regarding the Executive Board and the CSC and their responsibilities. If you are interested in having your name placed on the ballot, contact the PHA office at 303-841-8572 by January 12

Monday, August, 2021

Fire Mitigation

Pinery FREE Chipping Days in October

The Pinery Homeowners' Association will be providing FREE chipping services to residents who wish to participate in this program.  

You may click here to sign up.

Once the schedule has been set for the Chipping Days, we will communicate that information to those who have indicated their desire to participate.

Saturday, August, 2021

Hail Damage to your Roof or Siding?

Hopefully, you went through the recent hailstorm without any damage.  If you had damage here are the general requirements for replacing your roof or siding.

     If you are replacing an existing, previously approved, roof or siding with NO change in color, material, texture or shape it is viewed as maintenance and does NOT require a submittal.

Friday, July, 2021

Douglas County Sheriff's Office National Night Out

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

6 p.m. at Lakeshore Park

Join the Douglas County Sheriff's Office for the 2021 National Night Out celebration.
There will be:
  • a Bike Deputy
  • a K-9 Deputy,
  • a Detentions Captian
  • Crime Lab (kids fingerprinting)
  • a fire truck
  •  mounted Patrol
  • and popsicles for kids, big and small.


Friday, July, 2021

New Recycle Schedule For Pinery Trash Customers