Trash & Recycle Program

Support Your Community By Enrolling In The Pinery Trash Program

NOTE: For Colorado Pinery Area Residents, only Filings 1-8A, 11, and Misty Pines

Please note that changes are coming to The Pinery Trash Program as of April 1, 2021. Watch this website, the newsletter and the entryway signs for details.

If you are not in the Pinery Trash Program, you might want to consider joining with the over 1,800 other participating homeowners. The program offers state-of-the-art trash service for its participants, including Single Stream Recycling. This provides you with the opportunity to combine paper and other recyclables into labeled containers (we provide the recycle labels) of your choice. Recycling still must be separated from your regular household trash, but the recycling center now separates the paper from the bottles, cans, etc. You can choose to use a container with wheels and a lid for ease of handling.

In addition, our program includes the pick-up of one large or bulk item every month. Contact Waste Management to alert the service and then simply set the item out with your regular household trash. That’s twelve times a year you can get rid of a sofa bed, mattress, chair, or other item without additional charges. If you have more than one item in a month, low rates are offered for pick-up. Why not join your neighbors in the Pinery Trash Program?

If you need trash and/or recycle containers:

If you would like Waste Management to deliver trash bins to your home at no extra cost, you may do so in one of the following ways: or Call: 303-797-1600
You may order up to three containers. Be sure to specify the size (64 or 96 gallon) and type (trash and/or recycling) of container(s).
Also, be sure to store the containers out of view other than service day per covenants. 


Find the form to order Little Dumpsters trash containers here.


Ways to contact Waste Management:

1. Email: To improve customer service efficiency and effectiveness, Waste Management has provided an email address for The Pinery. A special team of customer service agents has been assigned to handle all HOA issues. Instead of calling customer service you can email WM at

Information to include in your email:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Name of HOA 
  5. Description of issue

2.  Call: 303-797-1600 – When calling WM Customer Service, identify yourself as a Pinery Preferred Hauler and do not include street directions in your address (ex) north, south, etc.The quarterly cost for trash service is now $82.50, paid to the PHA, and billed prior to each quarter. This equates to trash services as well as membership dues at a cost lower than trash pickup alone from some other companies! Call the PHA Office to sign up at (303) 841-8572. You may also click on the Application Form (189kb) for a PHA Trash Program Application, print out the completed form, and send to the office with your payment.

What Payment Options Do I Have?

  • Drop Box - Available 24/7
    located outside the PHA Office at 8170 N. Hillcrest Way - (lower level of the fire station)

  • Pay in Person at the Office
    located at 8170 N. Hillcrest Way (lower level of the fire station)

  • Pay by Mail
    PHA, 8170 N. Hillcrest Way, Parker, CO 80134

  • PHA Automatic Pay Service (ACH)
    Complete the ACH form  - attach a voided check and return it to the PHA office

If Making Payments Through Your Bank

If you use this method of payment, please make sure that the payment is scheduled to be received by our office by the due date. We regularly receive payments late using this method. Be aware that the date the money leaves your account is not the date we receive it.

Who Is Eligible For The Program?

The Pinery Trash Program includes filings 1-8A & 8B, 11 and Misty Pines. (It does not include: the Timbers, High Prairie Farms, Pinery Pointe, or the Pinery Townhomes.)

When Will My Trash and Recyclables be Collected?

Trash is collected each Monday and recyclables every other Monday (except for the 6 Holidays listed below). Items must be at the curb by 7 a.m. Pick-up routes change from time to time for various reasons. To ensure your trash is picked up on service day, it must be out no later than 7 a.m. For pick-up and recycle dates, click here (84kb) .

Pinery Trash Program - Holidays

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas

If the holiday falls on Monday, service day will be the Tuesday following these holidays for trash and recycling services.

Moving or No Longer Require Service?

If you are moving or no longer require service, please notify our office immediately so that we have service and billing stopped promptly. The number to call is (303) 841-8572.

Who Do I Call If Have Questions?

  • For questions on special trash collection and recycling, contact Waste Management directly at (303) 797-1600
  • For all other trash questions, please contact the PHA Office at (303) 841-8572 or send an email to