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what's new?
  • 2015 Preliminary Budget
    11/11/14 - Please note that a portion of the 2015 Preliminary Budget was inadvertently cut off in the November newsletter. Click above to see the full version.
  • Improper Mailbox Use
    10/28/14 - Residents in the Hillside Way area have reported flyers being placed on their mailboxes referencing the Division of Wildlife. Please be advised that neither the Division of Wildlife nor the Pinery Homeowners' Association had any part in this. Also, please be aware that use of mailboxes for anything other than U.S. mail is illegal.
  • Pinery Water District Construction
    10/27/14 - The Pinery Water and Wastewater District is beginning construction on a two million gallon potable water storage tank. This tank will provide improved reliability and more storage for fire flow situation to the surrounding community. Click above for more information.
  • New Bayou Gulch Trail Connector
    10/27/14 - A new 4-mile soft-surface trail has been completed on Bayou Gulch Open Space and is now open to the public for non-motorized use.
  • csc candidates needed
    1/15/14 - Two candidates did come forward for the Community Services Committee and were elected at the Annual Meeting. There are still two vacancies on this committee. Please contact the PHA office, (303) 841-8572, if you are interested. Click above for more information

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