Pets & Wildlife


Douglas County Pet requirements

Household pets are permitted in all zoning districts where residences are permitted. Household pets include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, fish, gerbils, hamsters, parakeets, parrots, cockatiels, and reptiles, provided they are not raised for commercial purposes.

A maximum number of 4 cats, dogs, or a combination of four of these animals are allowed per household.

Coyotes - A Concern For Area Pets

As a note to new and old residents alike, we’d like to remind you that although a lot of development is making the Pinery increasingly less remote, we must remain cognizant of the fact that small pets often fall prey to coyotes and other predators in the area. Please keep your pets indoors for their safety! Click here For more information on living with Coyotes, click here.

Douglas County Pet Ordinances

A leash law requires that ALL dogs not on their owners’ property to be on a leash at all times. A barking ordinance is in effect 24 hours a day. Animal neglect is also addressed by county ordinance. All dogs must have adequate food, water and properly ventilated shelter providing protection from weather. Although not mandated, cats should also be kept in check. They are the single most responsible predator of wild birds.

Douglas County Off Leash Dog Parks

Douglas County Animal Services
4556 Castleton Ct, Castle Rock, CO 80109
(303) 660-7529

  • Lost or found animals
  • Sick or injured animals
  • Abuse, neglect, or cruelty
  • Animal bites
  • Dogs running at large
  • Barking dogs

Dumb Friends League

The Dumb Friends League is a leader in providing humane care to companion animals - sheltering lost and relinquished pets, adopting pets to new homes, investigating animal cruelty, reducing pet overpopulation, and educating the public about animals and their needs.

The Buddy Center (a satellite facility of the Dumb Friends League)
4556 Castleton Ct.
(303) 751-5772

  • Sheltering services for Douglas County
  • Place lost and found reports
  • Adoptions of animals
  • Relinquishment of animals


One of the gifts of living in Colorado is the presence of wildlife. We can enjoy them and respect them at the same time. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife has provided information for living with wildlife. Click here and go to "Learn", under "Learn About Wildlife" click on "Living With Wildlife" for specific information regarding animals such as mountain lions, coyotes, deer and others.

For wildlife inquiries and assistance, please call the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at (303) 291-7227. For more information, please also visit their website.

To report dead deer that are not on a Pinery resident's property, call the DC Sheriff at (303) 660-7500 (in other words, on the street or in open space). It is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of dead deer or other wildlife that may be on their own property.

PHA Deer Policy was adopted by the Executive Board in April, 2018.

Additional Information
Pinery Bird Checklist - The purpose of this list is to assist residents and visitors in their identification and enjoyment of birds of the Pinery. This list is provided by Denise Smith, Pinery Resident.