Pinery RV Storage Lots

Storage Lot Description and Prices

All spaces require:

  1. $100 security deposit and a $25 administration fee.
  2. Our lease requires that each lessee must be the current Pinery resident and paid PHA membership. The lots are consistently running full so are only available to Pinery residents.

As of May 1, 2023, the rates will go up $5 per month per space.

North and South lots

Spaces are 12’ x 45’. South lot is newer with a firmer surface. 

South lot: $35 per month - as of May 1 = $40 per month / $240 per leasing period
North lot: $30 per month - as of May 1 = $35 per month / $210 per leasing period
North with Electrical (very limited number of spaces): $40 per month - as of May 1 = $45 per month / $270 per leasing period
Annual Dump Access - North / South lot lessees: $30 per year / $15 per leasing period

Newest Pinery Storage Lot (East Lot)

The lot is located adjacent to and directly to the east of the existing north and south lots beside the Pinery Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant, across Highway 83 from the main Pinery entrance.

This lot boasts many amenities our lessees have asked for in the past:

  1. A secured dump station for a minimal annual fee available only to lessees.
  2. A large number of spaces with electrical hookups.
  3. A number of smaller spaces for smaller vehicles.

East Lot Costs are as follows:

  • 12’ x 25’ space: $30 / month - as of May 1 = $35 per month / $210 per leasing period
  • 12’ x 45’ space: $40 / month -  as of May 1 = $45 per month / $270 per leasing period
  • 12’ x 45’ space with electrical: $55 / month - as of May 1 = $60 per month / $360 per leasing period 
  • Annual Dump Access - East lot lessees: $20 per year / $10 per leasing period


Billing is in six month increments and start of term coincides with changing of access combination. Once payment for term is received, access code is provided. Terms are November 1st - April 30th and May 1st - October 31st. Lessees who are not participants in the Pinery Trash Program are billed for membership for the upcoming year with their November billing.

Storage Lot Weeds

Because of significant weed growth this year, for the first time, the PHA contracted to have weeds inside both the north and south lot sprayed earlier this summer at significant expense. Unfortunately, the cost for removal of the weeds is very labor intensive and therefore prohibitively expensive. We regret that the problem is therefore not totally resolved, and we encourage lessees to remove weeds within their spaces in future so that they do not become a problem.

Please be aware the Storage Lot is in a ‘Groundwater Protection Area’ - use of most herbicides is not permitted.

Storage Lot Electrical Information

In the east storage lot, the spaces with electricity available have recently experienced problems with power outages. Please be aware that these spaces have a maximum capacity of 20 amps. RVs attempting to draw a higher power level from their outlet will cause an outage. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Insurance - Lot renters should have theft insurance on their stored property as the PHA does not carry insurance on the lot or property it contains.

The lessee will need to provide current vehicle registration in the resident's name and at the Pinery address.

You will need an RV Storage Lot Lease (83kb) and an Exhibit A form (PDF 84kb) .

If you would like to use the dump station in the east lot, you will need to complete a dump station lease (221kb) .

For further information, please call (303) 841-8572 or email us at

Please note: At the present time, the lots are full and there is a wait list. Please contact the PHA office if you would like to be placed on this list.