Parks & Trails

Pinery Owned and Maintained Parks

The Pinery HOA owns and maintains three parks within the Pinery: North Park is located in the northern part of the Pinery providing opportunity for play, picnics and exercise; you can find Lakeshore Park just down the road from Bingham Lake, a beautiful spot to spend a lazy afternoon; and you may have noticed the new Pinery Nature Park at the North entrance of the Pinery. This park is in the process of being created. It provides beautiful views of the mountains with wildflowers, and trees to attract birds and butterflies. In 2012, flagstone tables and benches are being added for picnicking or just enjoying the beauty.

Douglas County Parks Within the Pinery Area

Douglas County owns and maintains several parks within the Pinery: Bingham Lake Park is located at Bingham Lake providing walking, picnicking and fishing opportunities; the Pinery Park is located right next to the Pinery Fire Station. Softball and soccer fields, a picnic shelter and children's playground are all provided there; Bayou Gulch Regional Park can be found in the southern part of the Pinery near Sagewood Middle School. One of its unique qualities is an off leash dog park.

Trails and Access Trails Within the Pinery

The Pinery Loop Trail was dedicated May 7, 2011. It is approximately 4.0 miles and makes a loop through the Pinery; the Kinney Creek Trail makes a path from Parker Road to Betts Ranch Road. The PHA built a connector trail from North Pinery Parkway to the trail for your convenience; The Cherry Creek Regional Trail is part of the Colorado Front Range Trail. A connector trail can be found passing under Parker Rd. near the Pinery Country Club.


Master Parks & Trails Map